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Julia book coverTheodora book coverCaterina book coverAlways the Music bookcover

These are thumbnail images of the ebook covers that were created for Joyce Moore. Writing under her pen name of Elizabeth Elson, they are the first titles in her Women in History series. The original images are not as high a resolution as would be needed for a print book cover. To see a more detailed explanation of the changes that were made to the original images and additional graphics that were created for these books, please see the Elson covers page.

Roan Rose book cover

Juliet Waldron’s Roan Rose is my first print book cover. A high resolution digital image of the cover painting was needed to begin the design process. This “reduced” size image is much larger than the thumbnail images shown above in order to show the entire graphic - my design includes both the front and back of the book cover.

Murphy book cover

Kim Murphy’s non fiction print book I Had Rather Die; Rape in the Civil War (January 2014).

Here is Kim’s review of the work in progress:
‘Two of the people that I've shown the cover to, love it! A third said, “Stunning.” I think you've done a great job and captured the true reflection of the book.’

Kim Murphy's Windtalker book cover

Circle in Time by Kim Murphy book cover

book cover of The Hunting Lodge Mystery by Joyce Moore

Please see the faqs & pricing page  for book cover pricing information.

home page · webdesign · graphics · book covers · other services · “video” book trailers · faqs & pricing

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