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Graphics Creation, Correction, and Manipulation

Correcting, Changing and Adapting Photographs

For examples of my work on photographs, please see this page.

Adapted Graphics

This is one of the mosting challenging and fun parts of creating graphics for my clients. With my background in art history, when I work with historical fiction writers I know exactly what period or specific artist that will work when an illustration is needed for the graphics. If I don’t already have something suitable on file, I know which websites have the best free public domain or low cost and high resolution, royalty-free graphics.

Usually, an image only needs to be trimmed, resized or other minor tweaks made to use it on a webpage or book cover. But sometimes that’s only the first step because of the nature of historical images. If a painting is unrestored (paint flaking - and there are lots of distracting little black or white dots) or a photograph is in poor condition, I can do “repair” work on the digital image to hide the flaws.

And sometimes, almost everything about a particular image would be just right for it’s intended use, but there’s just one glaring detail that makes it wrong for my client’s story. That’s where the challenging and fun part of my job comes in. Here are the before and after images to illustrate how this works.

For examples of my work on adapting artwork, please see this page.

Creating graphics from original client artwork & photos

For examples of my work on adapting client artwork and photos, please see this page.

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home page · webdesign · graphics · book covers · other services · “video” book trailers · faqs & pricing

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Top photo credit: detail from Stills of an artist's world 6 by Lauren Lank, courtesy of the stock.xchng.